Marketing Case Study: Nature Sounds (indie record label)

Some of our clients and prospects have recently asked for more details on some of our previous promotional efforts, and as always, ALMG makes a point to always show & prove.  We figured it would be helpful and informative to post a case study here on our site for those who are interested in our services or marketing in general.  The below report details a campaign that we conducted for Nature Sounds, a independent hip-hop record label based out of Brooklyn, NY.

The Trouble With Twitter

I thought this was funny and relevant … guilty as charged!  All of my twitter users gotta watch this.

The Panhandler’s Secret (Seth Godin)

picture-4I wont turn this site into a Seth Godin Shrine, but this is just an example of the type of great content Seth posts on a daily basis on his blog. The best thing about Seth’s blogs, and more importantly, his amazing books, is that his ideas and thoughts can be applied to so many different sitautions across many different industry types.

Moving Beyond The MP3 (Wired)

reel“Music companies and technologists have finally figured out how to sweeten the deal for those fans willing to pay for an album, as opposed to downloading or streaming it for free.”

I feel this is a step in the right direction.  Digital music is great and convenient, but as a “record guy,” I was always kinda disappointed about the lack of content associated with digital music.  This article suggests that things are about to change, at least for some artists who are selling album subscriptions, loaded with content, instead of the standard folder full of audio files.

Check out for the full story

20 Things (free e-book)

booksThis one comes highly recommended.

Even if you’re a know-it-all, this free e-book entitled 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online by Andrew Dubber is sure to spark some ideas or help you kick that idle plan into gear.

Visit for more info and to download your free copy in PDF format.