Record Promotion

ALMG is known and respected for providing exceptional record promotion services (see testimonials). Through the years, we’ve developed solid working relationships with commercial and satellite radio DJs and program directors at key stations across the nation. In addition, we also work closely with mixtape and club DJs. From servicing and promoting records to DJs and Program Directors, to gathering useful feedback and coordinating on-air interviews, ALMG will ensure that your music receives the attention that it deserves. We’ve promoted records for major and independent artists, and take pride in the fact that most of our clients stick with us once they see how effectivly we promote their project. Artists such as Plies, Drake, and Diddy, all the way to Jamie Foxx, Young Jeezy, Alicia Keys, Flo-Rida and many others have benefited from our relentless work ethic.

ALMG provides a wide range of radio and record promotion services including:

  • Commercial Mixshow
  • Consulting & Record Selection
  • On-Air Promotions
  • On-Air Interviews
  • DJ Conference calls
  • Satellite & Syndicated Radio
  • Targeted MP3 email blasts to DJs and tastemakers worldwide
  • Online Seeding (Blogs, MP3 websites, Media Outlets, Message Boards)

For a partial list of clients as well as a few testimonials, please click here.

Video Promotion

ALMG’s video promotion department has experienced success by helping our clients gain exposure by coordinating airplay and appearances on nationwide television programs on MTV, VH1, and across other key outlets.

Our goal is to achieve extensive and sustained airplay of our client’s videos at the most pertinent video outlets (national, local/regional, in-store outlets, online). Programmers will be made fully aware of the video through promotional tracking calls, emails, and meetings. In addition to promoting airplay of the video, we will encourage programmers to conduct interviews, attend shows and announce tour dates on their programs. We will set up one-on-one meetings with MTV, VH-1, FUSE, BET, and Music Choice to discuss the project and submit the video for consideration. Being that we’ve worked with these networks for 10+ years, as both an indie and at major label video departments, our relationships with them are one of, if not, the best among video promoters. In addition, we will work the video to all national Video-On-Demand outlets and can also promote it to international outlets such as Much Music Canada and MTV Tres, MTV Latin America.

Here’s a listing of some of the key video promo services we offer provide:

  • Promote airplay at key outlets including MTV, VH-1, FUSE, BET, Music Choice, etc
  • Special promotions and contests with regional outlets
  • Video ID tapings which are helpful for sustained airplay
  • Focus on internet outlets such as Yahoo, AOL, and Roxwel
  • Emphasis on getting videos on the reels of in-stores content providers such as DMX Music, Screenplay, and Channel M that provide videos for stores like Macy’s, Foot Locker, FYE, Nordstrom, Virgin Megastores, and more
  • Detailed reporting that includes bookings, adds, chart/rotation, views and feedback

Digital Marketing

1004599_10152055019658989_248136610_n ALMG’s Digital Marketing Department is an ever growing part of the ALMG promotions model. Surrounded around the idea of utilizing the internet to help display and build out a clients brand, ALMG makes it a goal to let people know who you are and what you represent. ALMG also uses the best in analytics tracking to give you the necessary reporting that you need when it comes to creating your marketing strategy. ALMG’s previous clients include Universal Music Group, Sony Music, Sony Pictures, Warner Music Group, Absolut Vodka, Sirius Satellite Radio, VEVO, and more.

Here’s a list of some of the key services ALMG’s Digital Marketing Department offers:

– Creation of digital and social media marketing campaigns
– Seeding content to blogs, magazines, tastemaker websites
– Managing social media components for clients
– Tracking/Reporting of social and web analytics
– Coordinating press with major publications
– Content creation

ALMG Digital – Digital Music Distribution

With the music industry transitioning from physical media to digital media, ALMG has expanded its operations to provide digital distribution and marketing to our clients. Now, you will be able to get your music be it a single, an EP, or a full-length distributed to the rest of the world without the traditional costs associated with physical distribution. The goal of ALMG Digital is to provide multiple services to our clients in an effort to more effectively promote the artist and the product.


Here’s a list of some of the benefits associated with working with ALMG Digital:

  • Ability to have publish & sell your music at digital retail outlets such as iTunes, Rhapsody,, eMusic, Napster, etc
  • Create media plans to direct consumer traffic to the on-line site (iTunes, for example), website, or MySpace page by partnering up with on-line magazines and music based sites to cross promote your music
  • Send email blasts promoting your latest project to DJs and Program Directors
  • Ring tones are available for any of your releases
  • Easy to use and share widgets & promotional tools
  • Detailed monthly reporting that shows the number of downloads and royalties earned
  • Radio promotion packages available (FM, satellite, or both) to provide further awareness for your product
  • Ability to team up with third party vendors who can provide business development tools to better present your artist/company to the public or a potential investor

Please contact us if you are interested in hiring us or learning more about any of the above services. Click here to see a list of clients and to read what some of them have said about ALMG and our capabilities.